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Navigate the rich terrains of North Dakota with JCR Excavating, your dependable partner in oilfield civil earthwork. As seasoned craftsmen in the oilfield sector, we grasp the pulse of the industry, offering site development and maintenance services that will get your operation up and running. Our dedicated team spearheads reclamation projects, carving landscapes that resonate with sustainability and foresight. By specializing in crafting effective stormwater retention and drainage solutions, we provide proactive solutions that safeguard your assets from the whims of nature. Step into a realm where innovation meets expertise, with JCR Excavating at the helm of your project.

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In the dynamic landscape of oilfield operations, JCR Excavating emerges as the model of reliability and innovation. We pride ourselves on our careful approach to excavation and site services, offering new pad builds and berm repairs that stand the test of time. As industry leaders, we have refined our skills to offer detailed grading and drainage solutions that set oilfields up for success.

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Promising Safety and Reliability

Safety is not just a priority; it’s our guiding principle. With a steadfast commitment to ensuring the well-being of our team and clients, we adhere to stringent safety protocols at every stage of our operations, including utilizing ISNet and Veriforce safety to manage our safety program. From meticulous planning to precise execution, we integrate industry-leading safety measures to mitigate risks and promote a secure working environment. Our dedicated team undergoes rigorous training, emphasizing the importance of precautionary measures and proactive hazard identification. With cutting-edge equipment and a culture of accountability, we strive for excellence in safety, ensuring that every project is executed with the highest standards of care and professionalism.

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The Importance of Professional Oilfield Excavation Services in ND

North Dakota’s oil and gas industry accounts for $42.6 billion in gross business  volume annually, providing over 50,000 jobs throughout the state. The industry’s $3.6 billion in taxes fund schools, infrastructure, communities, and more. Access to professional, experienced oilfield excavation services ensures businesses can continually take advantage of the state’s oil opportunities.

Our oilfield earthwork services prepare the ground to ensure it is thoroughly prepped for drilling and capable of supporting all of the necessary infrastructure without the risk of environmental degradation or personal safety risks. 

Civil earthwork addresses all major points of consideration, including soil integrity, water management, drainage, and erosion control.

Full-Spectrum Solutions

The Difference Between Excavation & Earthworks

Excavation is the process of removing materials from a site to prepare it for development. Civil earthwork for oilfields prepares the site for excavation.


Through our professional assessments of the site and turnkey solutions, we ensure our clients are prepared for any challenges they may encounter, such as extreme weather variations, environmental regulations, transportation, soil and terrain constraints, and infrastructure limitations. 


By investing in professional earthworks services, you can avoid costly hazards and risks that could otherwise jeopardize the safety of your workers and hinder your entire operations. 

The Benefits of Working With Our Team

We pride ourselves on delivering the best excavation and earthworks services in North Dakota. Our expert team is dedicated to providing personalized solutions and long-lasting results through innovative practices. 

The Highest Grade of Materials

We use the best materials and equipment to perform all of our oilfield civil excavation and earthwork services. Clients can feel confident knowing that their site is being prepped using the most advanced tools and technology. 

Erosion Control & Environmental Protection 

We implement erosion control measures such as sedimentation ponds and silt fences to protect the soil on your site. In addition, we consider the environmental effects of every service and take all necessary measures to preserve the planet and protect wildlife and natural resources. 

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Ready to revolutionize your oilfield project with a touch of excellence and innovation? Embark on a journey of success and sustainability with JCR Excavating. Contact us today and witness the transformation unfold, as we redefine standards with our sterling oilfield civil earthwork services.


Our Oilfield Civil Earthwork service encompasses a wide range of activities, including land preparation, site grading, excavation, trenching, and soil compaction

Yes, we offer site remediation and cleanup services as part of our Oilfield Civil Earthwork package to ensure that the site meets environmental and safety standards.

Absolutely, we have a deep understanding of the regulatory requirements and safety standards unique to the oilfield industry. Our team is well-versed in compliance.