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Excavation Company in Williston, North Dakota

Crafting Terrain

Founded in 2007, JCR Excavating began as a dream, steadily evolving into one of the leading excavating companies in North Dakota. We’ve weathered economic downturns, expanded our operations, and built a tight-knit team of professionals. Dedicated to delivering impeccable workmanship, our rich history and hands-on leadership set us apart.
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Earthmoving Services in North Dakota

Williston's Excavation Specialist

Excavating with Precision

At JCR Excavating, we integrate cutting-edge technologies to help us deliver precision results that match your project plans down to the last inch. By leveraging excavation software like Topcon GPS and John Deere 3D SmartGrade, we can dig to exact depths or grade to the perfect slope. With JCR, there’s no room for error.

Comprehensive Excavation in Western North Dakota

JCR Excavating proudly offers a range of excavating services, catering to the unique demands of Williston and its surrounding regions.
Oilfield Site Excavation Services

Professionals of the Bakken Oil Basin

Professionals of the Bakken Oil Basin

Oilfield Civil Earthwork

We prioritize safety when supporting oilfield infrastructure with new pad building, detailed grading and drainage repair.

Western ND Excavating Contractors

Commercial and Industrial Earthwork

Commercial and Industrial Earthwork

Building Industries

Delivering GPS layouts for all site work, foundation excavations and sewer and water installation.
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Hauling and Truck Services

Hauling and Truck Services

Putting Equipment To Use

Offering precise aggregate hauling, hydrovac, and related services.

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Residential Excavation in Western North Dakota

Residential Excavation in Western North Dakota

Residential Services

We set the foundation for residential development projects with excavation, grading, utility hookups and more.

Excavation Company in Williston, North Dakota

Ensuring accuracy

At JCR Excavating, we’re proud to offer our customers safe and precise earthwork services. We achieve this by integrating top-of-the-line equipment with the latest Topcon GPS technologies, enabling our operators to deliver accurate topographic surveying and mapping, data collection, grade control, and more. In addition, we now utilize Agtek software for building our models and ensuring accuracy. Furthermore, we prioritize safety at every step, utilizing supply chain risk management software like ISNet and Veriforce to ensure the safety of everyone involved in our operations.

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Ready to reshape your landscape? With JCR Excavating you’re choosing experts with years of hands-on experience. From oilfields to homes, we’ve got the skills, the team, and the tools. Contact us today and bring your project to life, or explore our exciting careers!