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When it comes to building expansive residential development projects, you need a company you can trust to lay the foundations for success. That starts with integrated residential excavation services that provide the essentials you need before building can begin. Since our humble beginnings, residential excavation has stood at the forefront of our service offering, so you can trust JCR Excavating to have the expertise, equipment and know-how to deliver high-quality results, from excavation for foundations, to complete land management. You can trust us from start to finish to help move any residential development to a close. Our skilled crews specialize in connecting entire neighborhoods to underground utilities like sewer and water, demolition, grading, excavation and earthmoving.



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Excavation for House Foundations

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When you choose JCR Excavating, you are not just opting for a service, but investing in a legacy of quality and innovation. Our experience in residential excavation services transcends conventional boundaries, offering a blend of functionality and sophistication that’s unparalleled across Western North Dakota. Our expertise in foundation excavation, grading and utility trenching is backed by years of experience and a team that believes in delivering nothing short of excellence. With JCR Excavating, step into a future where every residential development project has a solid foundation to build on.

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Our skilled team takes every measure to ensure that our work is completed accurately and on time. We understand the importance of maintaining a tight schedule when performing residential excavations or earthwork. You can always rely on us to arrive promptly on site and complete our tasks as efficiently and effectively as possible. 


JCR Excavating has extensive experience providing residential excavation services to construction companies and developers throughout the Williston, ND, area. Our dedicated team uses cutting-edge equipment and expert knowledge of proper protocol to ensure that every job is completed with total professionalism and accuracy. 


We understand the unique regulations that shape residential excavation and earthworking. Rest assured that we have the technical expertise to remain fully compliant while performing our duties. 


For customers unfamiliar with residential construction, recognizing all the work that needs to be completed can feel like an insurmountable task. You can always rely on our team’s expertise, experience, and industry knowledge to create a streamlined excavation and earthwork project timeline that will have your site prepped for construction.


Foundation Excavation

Foundation excavation is the most important element of residential construction. Digging up soil and creating a depression in the earth lays the groundwork for a future home. The foundation excavation process ensures future structural stability and integrity. We provide bespoke solutions based on the type of foundation you intend to build (e.g., slab, concrete, crawl space, or basement) and the soil conditions of the property.

Sewer and Water Installation

Sewer and water line installation lays the infrastructure that connects a property to the municipal water supply. Our team ensures that our sewer and water installation complies with all local and state regulations and building codes to achieve the appropriate depth that prevents pipe freezing and ensures uninterrupted flow.

Utilities Trenching

Before a property can be connected to powerlines, it must have installed utility cables and connected underground. Our hydro-vac utilities trenching services minimize property damage and use a non-destructive, water- and vacuum-based technique to dig to the appropriate depth. We can trench for telecommunications, electrical, gas, and water lines for homes of all sizes. 

Grading and Drainage Solutions

Grading involves shaping the surrounding land of a construction site to prevent water buildup that could threaten the property’s structural integrity. Grading ensures adequate drainage and helps manage stormwater runoff, prevents erosion, and maintains the quality of the site. Our expert grading and drainage solutions include installing drainage pipes, culverts, digging ditches, and developing tailored solutions that will manage water flow. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Excavation times vary considerably depending on the size of the property, the planned construction, and the acquisition of permits. The time frame can span anywhere from several days to several weeks. We will work with you to determine an accurate timetable for your project.

It is important to assess a team’s experience, expertise, and knowledge so you can set appropriate expectations. You need a team that has been in business for years to ensure they can provide the greatest results. JCR Excavating has been in operation since 2007, and we are a skilled team that leverages advanced technology and the highest quality tools to perform our work. 

Excavation is the act of digging into the ground and removing soil for future construction. Earthwork encompasses a broad range of services done before excavation, such as performing topographic surveys, grading, and prepping the land for future development. 

Our residential services encompass foundation excavation, sewer and water hookup, grading, and site preparation for homes and residential developments.
Yes, we cater to a range of residential project sizes, from single-home foundation excavation to larger residential developments.
We prioritize efficient and careful work to minimize disruption to surrounding properties and ensure a smooth residential construction process.
We do not engage in tasks such as asphalt or concrete paving. Our expertise lies in the foundational aspects of residential earthwork.

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Choose JCR Excavating today to get any home-building project in motion. With our residential earthwork services, we deliver quality, attention to detail, and a complete regard for safety in every dig.