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We specialize in the swift and secure transportation of essential construction aggregates to various project sites. At JCR Excavating, we emphasize safety and reliability, ensuring each load reaches its destination intact and on schedule. Our tailored solutions cater to the oil industry, commercial and smaller home building projects, adhering to the highest standards of service and professionalism. Choose JCR Excavating for aggregate hauling and experience a service that is as steadfast as it is sophisticated.

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Hydrovac Services in Western North Dakota

Premium Hydrovac Services

Providing excavation services requires expert precision and an utmost regard for safety for the surrounding infrastructure and environments, both above and below ground. To mitigate these risks, we employ state-of-the-art hydrovac services. Our services provide an efficient and non-destructive approach to residential, commercial, industrial and oilfield excavation so you can easily access subterranean utilities and oilfield infrastructure for repairs or new builds.


Hydro-vac combines the power of water and suction to liquefy soil and remove it from an excavation site without damaging nearby areas. By leveraging this highly effective and precise method, we ensure the safety and preservation of the worksite and surrounding infrastructure.  Our hydro-vac excavation services are appropriate for all types of construction, including residential builds, commercial and industrial needs, and oilfield excavation or restoration projects.


Whether you need raw materials delivered or hauled out, like rock, stone, and gravel, trust the team at JCR Excavating. Our team can pick up and drop off on demand. Our GPS-integrated technology ensures accurate delivery, and we are always on time.


The team at JCR Excavating has years of trucking and hauling experience. They are vigilant drivers who maintain the utmost safety and level of professionalism at all times. Using the leading supply chain software, GPS technology, and heavy-duty trucks, we provide reliable transportation for key industries. 

Hauling and Trucking in Western North Dakota

Hauling and Other Trucking Services


The first step is to identify your needs and ensure that a company is equipped to meet them. You should first explore their services online, then read online reviews to hear from other customers. Reach out to arrange a phone call and discuss your needs; compile a list of questions to help you assess the company’s experience in hauling, trucking, and handling large loads in your industry. 


Check Their DOT Number


Haulers and trucking companies in North Dakota are required to register for the North Dakota Intra-State Motor Carrier Authority. This is issued as an NDDOT number. Haulers that cross state lines must have a USDOT number through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Verifying this number online can affirm you are working with a registered operator. 


Ask About Their Schedule 


Ensure that the trucking company you’re considering is able to provide service within your timeframe. We understand that when it comes to construction, oil, and industrial applications, there is a limited window that we must operate in for our customers to receive their materials. 


Consider the Costs


Be sure to receive a detailed quote for the cost of your services prior to agreeing to any hauling job. You should be fully aware of how much a company charges and what you are paying them for. 

Professional Hydro-Vac Excavation in North Dakota

A hydro-vac is an advanced excavation tool that uses high-pressure water to remove soil and then powerful suction pressure to remove it from the development site. Thanks to the use of vacuum technology, we are able to perform non-destructive excavations that protect workers, utilities, and infrastructure. 


With hydro-vac excavation in North Dakota, our team can easily access power lines and underground structures with greater precision and accuracy. 


How Does a Hydro-Vac Work? 

The hydro-vac process begins by using high-pressure water to separate and liquefy soil at the target site. At the same time, continuous vacuum pressure suctions the soil away and stores it in a truck-mounted unit. 


Why Use Hydro-Vac Excavation? 

Several types of excavation services can be improved through the use of hydro-vac technology, including:


  • Daylighting: The process of digging to expose underground utility lines.
  • Soil Trenching: Creating narrow trenches at specific depths to install pipelines and other utility infrastructure. 
  • Piling Hole Excavation: Digging holes of various sizes and depths to install pilings. 
  • Cold-Weather Digging: Soil is much harder to excavate during cold weather, and hydro-vac can make the process much easier. 
  • Debris Removal: Some sites may benefit from a hydro-vac to remove debris safely and effectively at an excavation site. 

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Are you ready to elevate your project with North Dakota’s finest in aggregate hauling? Choose JCR Excavating’s hydrovac services today for services that embody excellence and professionalism at every step. Let’s forge a partnership that leads to success, one haul at a time.


We provide hauling and trucking services to transport materials, equipment, and supplies to and from your project site as needed.

We specialize in aggregate but can make accommodations.

Yes, our fleet includes different types of trucks to accommodate various hauling requirements, from dump trucks for materials to low boys for equipment.

Our trucking services are available as part of our earthwork packages or on a standalone basis. We can adjust our hauling services to your project’s needs.